Saturday, January 8, 2011


Awakening from a stupor of a sleep, drugged and incoherent I witnessed bolts of light thrashing in my brain. I could barely get up my legs were jelly and fighting a case of vertigo, my hands groped along the panelling I managed to stand and rest upon the window sill which is where I saw it. Not at first at first it looked like an ordinary night with the lights of the bridge illuminating the dusting of snow, a long cargo train rolling its goods across the continent.

That's when the light appeared.

Ominous and striking, spirals of pale green and yellow propelling its hub, a great white wolf dog with its parasitic hunchback clone, hovering over the bridge outside my window. There was a crack of sound, blackness and then bright pink solardog residue bouncing from hard surface to hard surface gradually disintegrating into the darkness of the moonless night.

Yes, I was scared for my life.

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