Thursday, January 13, 2011

fat floats

Breasts are nice. They are round and soft. During heat waves they can get sticky underneath and I don't care what anyone says; you need a bra to hold them in place when you jump a horse. They make food in the form of sweet watery milk, the only body fluid that you can ingest as nourishment. not bad The squirting milk makes for good party tricks too.

The left one is marginally bigger than the right one. They used to be small little things but times have changed. They move to their own centrifugal force. One may find them enjoying the muffled vibrations of flamenco, hungarian gypsy songs or iggy pop. What strange and fantastic floating fat balloons. Perhaps one day, they will save me from drowning.

If I were to loose one or both? I would mourn the loss through the caressing of its scar. I don't think that I could bring myself to replace it with synthetic reproduction. Even if it was perfect. I like following one stigmata to the other. After all the shit in the river, I finally like my story and as it is, I am prone to getting confused between fact and fiction.

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