Wednesday, October 5, 2011

first hit with a brass bullet

f stands for first. first hit with a brass bullet, a small one, just a toy- the rimfire 22. that's not a man's gun a man's gun's got power velocity speed duress. this is f for female first fast forever foremost fountain forgetful fatigued fucked fantastic futuristic frugal french free always leave a present for the life that you take, grass honey herbs or meat. and do it by hand piecemeal taking the time to caress each task with love and respect.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

bloody turkey

34 years of menstruation. 12 months times 34=408 menstrual cycles minus 15-12 (child bearing) =380 menstrual cycles.

Oh. It's not that much.
It's not like a Friend's rerun.

right. vapid soft serve poop.disseminating special brain power soup.
I'm talking about blood the stuff that makes our machines full
the stuff that our great great great ancestors shared
with fire and furs and dried meat
in a cave sharing the heat

This was sopposed to be a story about a small hamlet
in Turkey. I don't know what happened.