Sunday, February 1, 2009


There is something very exciting about making your own paints, mediums. It’s an alchemy rush similar to that of when a person gathers nettles for tea. I mix a rough 70% beeswax with 30% carnauba. The carnauba makes a slightly harder and shinier finish. I decided to use a very basic encaustic formula though at times I have mixed turpentine and house dammar varnish in as well. Often those additions will make a more malleable paste.

It’s been close to ten years that I have melted wax with pigment, one of my favourite methods and materials. Last weekend I finally fired up the hot plate, so to speak. As per usual, I had a plan. As per usual, my plan skipped off down the street as soon as I got my fingers in the pot. A work in process, I plan to embed an outline of sorts. I have a few ideas of what the outline will be of, but perhaps it best not to divulge my ‘plan’ until the completion of project.

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  1. Oh yes, Mistress Sube's back a-mixing and a-cookin'...I likee...