Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Third floor full of light, yaya's room, filled with shoots and sprouts and bulbs and blossoms, miniature painted glass elephants kittens and giraff. Middle floor, copper pots and platters, gilded ornate papered walls, oak shelving containing leather in dark browns, painted porcelain, antique pottery and brass. Many rooms with many doors. Doors to open, doors to close. Light at the end of the hall the tunnel. The deaf and languid white haired long haired feline with those dumb blue eyes; roodoodoo. roll your r rooodooodooo. ma cherie, ma cocotte. Pastries, pain au chocolat, mint drink from syrop in a bottle. Massage parlor and steam bath on the first floor, white shoes with geometric patterned holes, french kiss in a cave on a dare with a boy from summer school. soft cheese with rind on a plate with hunks of bread and coffee in a bowl with hot milk. i have something to show you, uncle's little secret. here it's over here yes like that a little more down you are my special underground joy i make you make me sing and finally after many songs I am saved by appendicitis.

this is the beginning of me as a recondite.

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