Thursday, December 2, 2010

it so happens

It was meant to be, right I mean, everything happens for a reason, we choose our parents and our reality, the ball of cotton gets knocked off the table by kittykat and unwinds and unwinds and unwinds the long story of all of us, each individual, stories up our arms, symbolic reference to everything and everywhere, if god meant baby to die, baby dies, who's to doubt or deny, our footprints were made long before we learnt how to walk, all walks having been walked, all thoughts having been thought, this age is of xerox, repetition, reproduction, yes, there is originality as each person has their particular psychological take on baking a cake, dressing a bird, writing a book, tattooing a leg.

There is a strong cyclic force and it goes round and round and round and we may be seduced into thinking that it's a sphere but I tell you sister and brother, this ain't no circle but a beautiful arduous spiral where we go round and round and round always with a little edge, always a little different, always similar enough to recognize ourselves, our movement, the pattern. And jesus we may moan when we eclipse on the the dissolute that we are back here again, again, again damn it, didn't we learn anything, but I swear by the teeth in my mouth that it ain't the same it is a transliterated shift, it's a subtle trans-migration of the body and the mind.

So it is like this that I find myself in a foreign land, learning the trade of the needle.

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