Tuesday, August 31, 2010

salmon run

The last time I fished was thirty five years ago. Remarkably, it was here in these waters. I bought my adult fishing license a few weeks ago along with a rod and reel. We deliberated for a long while about whether I should go for a salmon stamp and longer rod. We decided not to this year. We wanted to play it quiet and spend the season learning how to fish. My first try I cast the entire reel into the river and waded waist deep to retrieve it. I may have snubbed my nose at the government stocked trout prior my fishing debut but catching one of these will thrill and delight me to no end.

But salmon fishing is the real superstar sport in this area. Historically they provided food for the entire winter for the Secwepemc, the Stl'atl'imc , the french trappers, the british colonists and the americans who inundated the area during the gold rush. Surviving the winter was superstar living. Perhaps this is in part why salmon fishing has become superstar fishing.

Thirty million salmon are expected to run these next two months. They appear in streams unto themselves. Salmon red threads fighting the raging upstream between the round rocks of the shallow river beds. When we scuttle down the embankment we have front row seats.


  1. I have no idea how to use my rss reader. I'm glad you link these articles to you SU account, so I can read them, eating your words like noodles, slurping until the last done.

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  2. I have trouble figuring that out myself. by fluke I managed to ss read you. I only realized that when one day I saw the orange box in one of my toolbars and I said to myself paper wings? what is that? and then I clicked and found out.
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